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Because of the company business development needs, especially for the community staff recruitment:

A: the salesman (more)
Basic requirements:
(01) have a sharp market insight and market analysis ability.
(02) have good expression ability and the understanding ability, good at communication and coordination.
(03) hard work, dedication, the courage to accept the challenge.
(04) have good occupation image and reputation.
(05) have a strong interest and strong sense of competition to develop new customers.
(06) a good customer development and sales skills, good at building customer relationships, strong initiative.

Two: the competent business (1)

(01) strong interpersonal skills, good communication and expression ability, can work under pressure and sales target, love sales industry.
(02) at least one year of success with sales team experience.
Three (1): Clerk
(01) Wuguanduanzheng, has the sense of responsibility and good service consciousness, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
(02) the strict requirements on their own, mandarin standard.
(03) to the work enthusiasm, can skilled operation and the use of office software.

The above candidates please bring all relevant documents to the company registration contact. Salary is negotiable!

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